There are so many classes to take at Whitman that registration often takes the form of a game of tetris, as you try to jigsaw especially exciting courses into your schedule. As a freshman the options were endless, but one of the sad facts of reaching the end of your time at Whitman is that there is just less room in your schedule for random topics of interest. No longer can you concede a course with the promise of making room for it next year. Like most other Whitman students, I have an insatiable intellectual curiosity and, as such, I had to practice extreme restraint when I registered for this last semester on campus. I have taken excellent courses, but there are a few that got away from me–a hard fact to admit.

Like Book Arts. If I had more time I would jump at the opportunity to take this art course, where students construct and bind books with all kinds of textiles, including the truly unconventional. A friend of mine in the course created a book bound with un-stuffed plush animals. I would revel in the chance for this kind of tactile creativity.

And a Politics seminar on Che Guevara. I have had the opportunity to travel around Latin America, noticing the idolization of dear Che and I have also read his travel log “The Motorcycle Diaries,” but I would have loved to examine the public figure from a critical political perspective.

Marine Biology. Students who take marine bio at Whitman get to learn from revered Prof. Paul Yancey, who spends his summers doing deep sea research with National Geographic. The course involves a one-week field trip, often to the San Juan Islands to get some hands-on experience. I take any and every chance to get to the San Juans, a place I have fallen hopelessly in love with since first visiting with my pre-orientation Scrambles group freshman year.

So those are a few of the courses that got away from me. If I only had another year at Whitman…