The Whitman campus is full of special little spots. Between the landscapers and architects, the individuals who designed campus clearly worked to create lots of unique and varied spaces. There are benches along streams, clusters of comfortable chairs for discussion, and every type of study environment imaginable. I have done my best to explore campus, to find all these little places, and I have developed a long list of favorites. Here, we all seem to be creatures of habit, or at least we each have favorite places on campus. I always see the same people in the same places. It’s a comfort that lends a specific familiarity to campus–I always know where to find certain peers.

If you were to come to the Whitman campus and look for me, you would do well to start on the second floor of the science building. The science building has always been my favorite on campus. The building embodies the best aspects of science as a discipline: the potential for constant exploration and the sense of wonder that comes from that exploration. There are displays everywhere of everything from multi-colored minerals to delicate glass lab instruments. The walls are covered with geologic maps and a seismograph runs in a case on the first floor. Up on the second floor by the stairs there is a small space with wall to wall glass. There, a couch nestled among overgrown ferns looks out over Ankeny field. I love everything about sitting on that couch; I like to watch the activity on campus below from my vantage point, I love to bask in the sun coming in the windows, and I like to sit by the stairs, where I can say hello to all my friends coming in and out of the building. It’s a great place for a conversation, some homework, or even a short nap.