Yesterday was the Whitman Undergraduate Conference, a day where we get out of regular classes to attend any number of the hundreds of student presentations scheduled. More than a break from schoolwork and an excuse to get outside in the sunshine, the Conference provides an opportunity to revel in the work of our peers.

You can spend the entire day hopscotching between formal presentations, performances, and more casual poster viewings, and still not see it all. In that way, the WUC is an amazing testament to all the learning that is going on across campus year-round. It’s a chance to hear seniors discuss the theses they have spent months slaving over and to hear from juniors about the research they did while abroad.

This year two of my housemates presented. It was so cool to honor them for the research they did as part of thesis projects for their Sociology and Religious Studies majors. Sitting in on presentations at the WUC always serves as a reminder of the brilliance of my peers and exemplifies a critical piece of the Whitman philosophy: that we have much to learn from our fellow students.